London Union PLC was founded by LEON’s Henry Dimbleby and Street Feast’s Jonathan Downey – food and drink entrepreneurs on a mission to transform London’s food landscape.

We own London’s most successful street food markets, bringing communities together, creating employment and providing opportunities for new food entrepreneurs to establish themselves without requiring large amounts of capital. This year, we will welcome more than one million guests to our venues.

The Full Story

On 01 May 2015, London Union acquired Street Feast, an exciting start-up business which had run several vibrant street food night markets across London since 2012. Operating street food arenas with independent traders, brilliant bars and music-festival vibes - Street Feast’s buzzing night markets welcomed thousands of guests
every weekend.

Dimbleby and Downey were quickly backed by some of Britain’s most successful restaurateurs, food writers, broadcasters and entrepreneurs. Together, they have developed and grown the Street Feast model, creating new, permanent venues
across London.

Over the next five years we will open several new iconic markets in London and across the UK, as well as one central, flagship market in the heart of London. We believe that London is the food capital of the world and it deserves a market that is loved by Londoners and visitors of our city. This market will be the spiritual mothership of the London Union operation.